Ideal Solutions

We have solutions that is just right for your laboratory. No matter the size of your laboratory or where it is located even in the rural area where there is no electricity.

Saving solutions

We can present you with laboratory equipment that will fit exactly in your budget. Our experience in setting up laboratory has given us the edge in the industry on laboratory equipment supply to low budget users.

Advisory solutions

With our consulting services, we can tell where and how to setup your laboratory for optimum profit making. we can tell you equipment to buy that will require minimum maintenance and thereby saving cost over time.


Air Curtain
Air Purification System
Automatic Knife Sharpener
Automatic Tissue Processor
Autopsy Table
Biological Safety Cabinet
Block Cabinet
Blood Bank Refrigerator
Blood Cell Counter
Blast freezer
Chromotography Freezers
Co2 Incubator
Colony Counter
Cryogenic Freezers
Cryoprecipiate Bath
Cryostat Microtome
Deep Freezer
Incubator Shake
Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
Leather Strop
Lifting Trolley
L moulds
Low Temp. Freezer
Microtome Knife
Honing Stone
Humidity Cabinets
Lice Flaking Machine
Platelet incubator
Platelet Rotator
Project Screen
PVC Curtains
Refrigerated water Bath
Seed Germinator
Seed Storage Cabinet
Slide Boxes & Trays
Slide Carrying Trays
Slide Staining Machine
Slide Warning Table
Shower Trolley
Test Chamber
Tissue Culture Room

Micro Slide Cabinet
Mortuary Cabinet
Needle Destroyer
Oil Bath
Oven/incubator Combined
Overhead Projector
Paraffin Dispenser
Paraffin wax Bath
Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
Plant Growth Chamber
Plasma Freezer
Plasma Separator
Plasma Thawing Water Bath
Platelet Agitator
Disposable Blade Holder
Double Door Refrigerator
Dressing Trolley
Elisa Plate Rotator
Embedding Moulds
Embedding Moulds Disposable
Embedding Rings
Environmental Chamber
Freeze Dryer
Fume Hood
Furnace (Industrial & Muffle)
Histopathology Cassette
Tissue Embedding Station
Tissue Flotation Bath
Vacuum Carrier
Vacuum Pump
Walk in Cold Room
Walk in Incubator
Walk in Mortuary
Water Bath
Water Still Wall Mounting
HCG x 50 Test Rapid Test Strips
HCG x 25 Test Cassette Devices for Urine/Serum
HBSAg x 50 Test Rapid Test Strips
HBSAg x 25 Test Cassette Devics Rapid Test
H.Pylori Cassette Devices